News Are Wildfires a Natural Problem or a Home Builder One?

Are Wildfires a Natural Problem or a Home Builder One?
Wed, 03/03/2021 – 09:14


Prospective homebuyers rarely question whether a natural disaster will hit their homes, yet last year became the worst fire season in U.S. history and more than a dozen severe weather storms created $1 billion in damages, according to CNBC. One research physical fire scientist says the problem is not a wildfire control one, but a structure ignition one. He advocates for homes to be constructed with nonflammable materials and that no materials between homes can set fire via embers. His research on home ignition zones and home readiness are backed by the National Fire Protection Association and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

FEMA has a financial incentive in protecting America’s homes and encouraging local groups to follow the building codes set by the International Code Council.

Acting U.S. Fire Administration chief Tonya Hoover said the approximately 2,000 communities that have adopted the council’s building codes have saved the U.S. an average of $1.6 billion in annualized losses from flooding, hurricanes and earthquakes.

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