News 7 Tile Trends to Know for 2021

7 Tile Trends to Know for 2021
Wed, 03/03/2021 – 09:17


Forbes spoke to the organizers of the global tile and stone show, Coverings, to find the top tile trends for residential design in 2021. Tiles are a go-to for kitchen and bath design, but are growing in popularity for bedrooms and living areas in the Sunbelt states, too. The top trend tile experts predict booming in 2021 is biophilia. Ceramic tiles are becoming more natural in appearance, which can help create a calm environment, says Forbes. This ties into the big trend of wellness, which grew exponentially during the pandemic.

2. Spa Style
This trend ties into biophilia, as well, and is a way to bring the outdoors inside during 2021, when so many are still stuck at home. The soft blues and greens, the textured neutrals are meant to be relaxing and evoke sky, forest, sand and sea. The tones will be muted to create a spa-like feel.

3. Oversized
Extra-large ceramic tiles tie into wellness design, too, as they simplify home maintenance. Large-format tiles now come in sizes up to 5.25 feet by 10.5 feet, and thicknesses ranging from .14 inches to slightly thicker than three-quarters of an inch. These slabs are being used for countertops, shower walls, tables and other large designs.

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